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My name is Andrew. I live in the English Midlands and have been reading the Jean Plaidy novels for many years and nearly have the complete collection.

I started with the Tudor books (I love the Tudors and enjoyed 25 years as a Tudor entertainer at Tudor banquets and was born and lived opposite Kenilworth Castle where Leicester wooed Elizabeth I)

I am now starting at the very beginning of the historical novels and working my way through them. I love English history and Jean makes it so much more interesting.

I loved the Jean Plaidy style of writing and how she makes history come alive and makes it so interesting that you just have to keep reading!

I am looking forward to reading other novels by Eleanor one day under her many pseudonyms.

I am looking forward to getting to know other members of the forum and hope we can chat about many Eleanor related topics.


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Hi Andrew, and welcome to the board! How fascinating to have lived near such a historic site! Have you read My Enemy the Queen under the Holt pen name? 


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