108th Birthday: Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert

Each year on September 1st I endeavor to write a post, a review or some other type of remembrance for Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert’s day of birth, September 1st, however this year–though I’ve had some ideas rolling around–I’ve not had the time to execute a well-written piece. Since joining the Historical Novel Society editing team read more »

review: Rochester, the Mad Earl

Rochester, the Mad Earl by Kathleen Kellow The adventures and exploits of John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, are resurrected in this 1957 novel by Jean Plaidy, under one of her lesser-known pseudonyms—Kathleen Kellow. Rochester’s father, Henry Wilmot, was responsible for cutting the Roundhead-pursued Charles II’s curls, helping him escape the country incognito during Cromwell’s read more »

review: Louis the Well Beloved

Louis the Well-Beloved by Jean Plaidy First in the French Revolution trilogy, followed by The Road to Compiegne and Flaunting Extravagant Queen Louis XV, the Well-Beloved, became the King of France at the age of five, upon the death of his great-grandfather, The Sun King, Louis XIV. Raised by a set of serious-minded tutors, Louis read more »

Mistress of Mellyn in Ladies Home Journal, April 1960

Before the age of the internet, how did a new author market his or her novel? One popular method was to publish segments in women’s magazines (called “serials”), and it happens that the very first Victoria Holt novel was published in the April 1960 issue of Ladies Home Journal. The magazine, pictured here beside my read more »

Myself My Enemy or Loyal in Love

When Jean Plaidy’s novel on Henrietta Maria, wife of England’s Charles I, was republished by Three Rivers Press/Crown in 2007, they chose to omit the author’s foreword. I’m posting it here for those of you who have this edition and are interested in Plaidy’s thoughts on the subject. It reads more like a personalized jacket read more »

Eleanor Hibbert: Letter about Jane Shore in The Goldsmith’s Wife by Jean Plaidy

**This was originally posted on my other website (historical-fiction.com) on 2/6/2013.** Just days after the announcement that confirmed Richard III’s remains were found, I received this correspondence (purchased from a document seller on eBay) between Eleanor Hibbert (Jean Plaidy, Victoria Holt, Philippa Carr, Eleanor Burford, Elbur Ford, Kathleen Kellow, Ellalice Tate, Anna Percival) and a read more »

Daughters of England by Philippa Carr: the final book penned before the author’s death

Today, on the 21st anniversary of Eleanor Hibbert’s death, we take a closer look at the book she was supposedly in the midst of writing–and may have even passed without finishing. Daughters of England Book # 20 My Synopsis: This is the story of a mother and daughter living in the volatile times of the read more »

review: The Prince and the Quakeress

The Prince and the Quakeress Fourth Book in the Georgian Saga by Jean Plaidy This is the story of the young George III, when he was not yet considered significant—only the eldest son of the Prince of Wales, Frederick, and grandson of King George II. If you’re not familiar with England’s King Georges’, you may read more »

A birthday remembrance: September 1, 1906

This year I have been attempting to read one book per month by Hibbert, and while I haven’t quite kept up, I have read a great mix of the pseudonyms: Mistress of Mellyn by Victoria Holt, Alexa by Eleanor Burford, The Young Elizabeth, The Young Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Jezebel, Meg Roper, and (started) read more »

Here Lies Our Sovereign Lord

First published in 1957, Here Lies Our Sovereign Lord is the third in Jean Plaidy’s Charles II trilogy, which can also be purchased in an omnibus edition titled Charles II or The Loves of Charles II. The phrase “Here Lies Our Sovereign Lord” is from a satirical poem by Lord Rochester and was nailed to read more »