Author/Book Facts

Born Eleanor Alice Burford, September 1, 1906 in Kensington, London
Died January 18, 1993, on board a cruise ship in Mediterranean, age 86

Father: Joseph Burford
Mother: Alice Tate
Partner: George Percival Hibbert, 1886 – 1963

Literary influences: the Brontes, George Eliot, Dickens, Victor Hugo and Tolstoy

Plaidy was reportedly a sickly child and was privately educated. She inherited her father’s love of reading, and was especially interested in History. She attended a business college learning shorthand, typing and languages.

“Plaidy” is derived from Plaidy Beach in Looe, Cornwall. “Eleanor Burford” is the author’s maiden name. “Elbur Ford” is a form of Eleanor Burford. “Anna Percival” comes from the author’s partner’s middle/family name. “Ellalice” is a mixture of Eleanor and Alice, while “Tate” comes from the author’s mother’s maiden name.

First book published – Daughter of Anna (Eleanor Burford) 1941, Last books (published posthumously) – Kisses of Death (Plaidy) 1993, retitled The Rose Without a Thorn, The Black Opal (Holt) 1993, and finally in 1995 – Daughters of England (Carr); read my thoughts these three books, one which I suspect she didn’t finish.

1946 is the only year between 1941 and 1993 no books were published. Three books were published posthumously.

Here Lies Our Sovereign Lord
Title origin:
‘Here lies our Sovereign Lord the King,
Whose word no man relies on;
He never said a foolish thing,
And never did a wise one.’
Thus wrote Rochester. The King, amused, replied:
‘The matter is easily accounted for–my discourse is my own, my actions are my ministry’s.’