Reprint Title Changes

New Title (Original Title)

Courting Her Highness (The Queen’s Favorites)
Evil in the House (Such Bitter Business)
A Favorite of the Queen (Gay Lord Robert)
For a Queen’s Love (The Spanish Bridegroom)
The King’s Confidante (St. Thomas’s Eve)
King’s Mistress (The Goldsmith’s Wife)
King’s Pleasure (Murder Most Royal)
The Rose Without a Thorn (Kisses of Death)
Knave of Hearts (Zipporah’s Daughter)
Loyal in Love (Myself My Enemy)
Melisande (It Began in Vauxhall Gardens)
Menfreya in the Morning (Menfreya)
Mary Queen of Scotland: The Triumphant Year (Royal Road to Fotheringhay)
The Merry Monarch’s Wife (The Pleasures of Love)
The Queen’s Devotion (William’s Wife)
Royal Sisters (The Haunted Sisters)
The King’s Adventurer (This Was a Man)
To Hold the Crown (Uneasy Lies the Head)
The Unholy Woman (Daughter of Satan)