About Me

arleighplaidybooksMy name is Arleigh, I am in my late thirties and live in Georgia, USA. I first came across Jean Plaidy in 2004, shortly after I was introduced to the genre of Historical Fiction by Philippa Gregory. I like PG for entertainment, but I fell in love with Plaidy’s writing style right away and began buying all of the reprint novels. Once I found she wrote over 200 books under 8 different pseudonyms I started scouring library sales and used bookstores, as well as buying online. 10 years later and my “Jean Plaidy” title collection is complete, along with Victoria Holt and Philippa Carr, though the rare earlier novels I find here and there (if I can afford them!). Currently I have read over 60 of her novels, which doesn’t seem like much over a decade, although work and motherhood slow my reading time immensely.

I post reviews on my website, Historical-Fiction.com, and contribute to Historical Novels Review magazine quarterly. You can read my Jean Plaidy HNR reviews here: HNR Member Page