Today is Eleanor Hibbert’s 111th Birthday

Every year I try to come up with a special post for this day–preferably a new book review or feature article. This year, as I’ve only had the chance to read a single Victoria Holt book so far, I’ve decided to do an update post.

Firstly, I created a Forum by request of a member of the Jean Plaidy/Victoria Holt/Philippa Carr Facebook Group. Thus far we have about 8 legitimate members, and I continue to delete spam accounts frequently. There are 50 posts–mostly by Yours Truly–but I am encouraging more to join! At the very least it will be a good archive for myself, and hopefully a wealth of information for future browsers.

I came across this new-to-me photo this year. Isn’t it lovely? It looks like it’s from the same photo shoot as another of hers, which has been presumed to be an engagement photo, although I believe that is pure conjecture. She does look to be in her late teens or early 20’s.

I read Bride of Pendorric this year with a purpose in mind–it relates to a writing project I am tentatively working on. I wrote both a review of the book, and a set of book club questions.

2017 Posts
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Other interesting finds:
1970 Newspaper Article from Australia
1977 Newspaper Article with Quotes

I did not buy any of her books this year (I have every accessible title already), but I did make two purchases: a signed post card and a rare short story periodical with an Eleanor Burford piece. I’ve not yet received the latter, but below is a photo of the post card.

Lastly, I would encourage anyone interested in Eleanor Hibbert’s career to check out the Wikipedia page, which has much expanded since its early days, and even has Royal Intrigue linked! I have found the facts mostly accurate, but can tell it is the same information that has been regurgitated from old book jackets, articles, and interviews. There is more information out there for clever sleuths!