Eleanor Burford Short Stories

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Mice Don’t Bark (The Daily News, Perth WA) June 19, 1937

The Statue in the House (The Herald, Melbourne, Vic) August 13, 1937

Counsel for the Defense (The Courier-Mail, Brisbane, QLD) February 1, 1938

Defenders of the Faith (The Herald, Melbourne, Vic) March 26, 1938

Harvest Moon (The Herald, Melbourne, Vic) April 7, 1938

Nothing to Fear (The Herald, Melbourne, Vic) September 9, 1938

Picking Up the Threads (Sunday Mail, Brisbane, QLD) February 5, 1939

The Greater Courage (Sunday Mail, Brisbane, QLD) November 19, 1939

Behind the Scenes (Sunday Mail, Brisbane, QLD) December 17, 1939

An Alibi in Custody (Sunday Mail, Brisbane, QLD) March 3, 1940

They Walked by Night (Chronicle, Adelaide, SA) January 9, 1941

Fatal Letters (The Australian Woman’s Weekly) March 6, 1943

Which, Doctor? (The Riverine Grazier, Hay, NSW) January 14, 1944

The Ghost Steps Out (Sunday Mail, Brisbane, QLD) May 20, 1945

Family Ties (Truth, Sydney, NSW) August 1, 1948